If you’d like to give by check, wire, or stock, you can find details on how to do this below.

To help ensure you receive a confirmation for your donation, please fill out the form below so we know to look out for your gift:


Please make your check payable to:
GiveDirectly, Inc.

Send your check to:
GiveDirectly, Inc.
PO Box 3221
New York, NY 10008

Only checks sent through USPS will be delivered to our PO Box; checks sent via FedEx or UPS will be returned to sender.

If sending a check by certified mail or courier:
JPMorgan Chase Lockbox Processing
Att: GiveDirectly Inc., Box 3221
4 Chase Metrotech, 7th Fl East
Brooklyn, NY 11245


If you’re based in the US, you can donate via ACH on our online donation form here. Select your donation amount, and then select “US bank account” on the second page.

If you’d like to initiate your donation from your bank, here are the instructions:

Our bank account details:

Account name: GiveDirectly, Inc.
Account type: Checking
Account number: 120191050
Routing number: 021000021
Bank name: Chase Manhattan Bank, 919 3rd Ave., New York, NY, 10022, USA

Allocate or dedicate your donation (ex. to a fundraiser or specific program) by noting it in the check/wire memo or emailing [email protected]. Donations without a program designation will be treated as unrestricted and used where needed most across cash transfers, operations, or fundraising costs.


To make a tax-deductible donation of publicly traded stocks to GiveDirectly, you can transfer the shares to our brokerage account:

Account name: GiveDirectly, Inc.
Account number: 220-66222
DTC #: 0352
Bank name: J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp

To donate mutual fund shares, please email [email protected] with the following information, which you can find by contacting your brokerage:

Delivering Firm Name:
Delivering Acct #:
Delivering Acct Name:
Share Quantity:

Designation: If you would like to allocate your donation to a specific program, please include that in the memo field or reply to this email. Donations without a program designation will be treated as unrestricted and can be used for any cash transfer program or to cover fundraising costs.


You can find a list of GiveDirectly’s official crypto addresses here.