We aim to reshape international giving. We’re backed by GiveWell, Google.org and – most importantly – rigorous evidence.

Basic Income

This year, we plan to provide entire communities of people a basic income: regular cash payments that are enough for them to live on, for more than 10 years. To do that, we need your help.






Nutrition spend


Our impact per $1000, documented by rigorous third-party experimental evaluation (RCT), considered the gold-standard for evidence. Read more

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Co-founder Paul Niehaus discusses the Overseas Development Institute's latest cash transfer report, a review that covers 156 unique studies of 56 programs.



We're averaging per dollar placed directly in the hands of the poor. Read more


We publish our internal, unedited performance data. In April, we sent over 1,500 transfers for the fourth month in a row. But in Kenya transfers were delayed into May as the team worked to clear a backlog of recipients who received transfers in the past. Productivity decreased in Kenya as we sought out hard-to-reach final recipients in Rachuonyo North sub-country.

Who We Serve

Take a walk through a village in Siaya County, Kenya, meeting both recipients and non-recipients. Read more...



Evaluations underway or completed

We address policy questions that keep emerging-market leaders up at night. Studies in progress examine the optimal design and macroeconomic impact of transfers. Read more