Joyful Waves: A Birthday Party Fundraiser with a Purpose

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Mwangi Birthday Pledge

Join me in turning the tides of celebration into a wave of generosity!

This year, my birthday takes on a special meaning as I invite you to be a part of “Joyful Waves,” a unique birthday party fundraiser aimed at bringing joy and relief to a community that has been affected by floods.

As we come together to celebrate another year of life, let’s redirect the spotlight towards those who need it the most. Instead of showering me with gifts, I encourage you to contribute to our fundraising goal, which will be dedicated to providing presents and essential supplies to a community grappling with the aftermath of floods.

The event promises a delightful mix of festivities, from live music and entertainment to delicious treats and heartwarming conversations. In lieu of traditional gifts, attendees are encouraged to make a donation to our fundraiser, contributing to a cause that extends far beyond the confines of our celebration.