Benard, Peter, and Eunice spoke to our team this week about how they spent their initial transfers and about how their lives have changed after receiving these transfers. Benard had received his first of three lump-sum payments, while Peter and Eunice had received their second of three. All three recipients also shared their plans for the future with us.


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Benard, 37, lives with his wife, Roseline, and three children.

I bought a water pump and pipes for irrigating vegetables for sale, which in turn boosted my business and increased my yields. I bought a bicycle for transportation, especially to the farm, to reduce my costs for transporting my vegetables from the farm for sale.

I used to water my vegetables with a bucket, but now I use a water pump and pipes which I bought with the transfer money; it’s much faster and easier, thus, in turn, increased my yields.


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Peter, age 40, lives alone.

My life is better because I have an iron-roofed house. I also got a wife and paid her dowry. I also bought household items.

I spent the second transfer on building an iron-roofed house. I also paid dowry for my wife.

I have a goal of buying manure and seeds for ploughing.


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Eunice, age 29, lives with her husband Stephen and one child.

My life is better because I built a tinned house, I bought a cow for my farm, I also started a business, and I took part of the money to pay school fees.

I spent this transfer [the second transfer] in buying building materials which I used when building my house. I am planning to buy cement and cement the entire house.

My life is different because I used to stay in a thatched house, but now I stay in a tinned house.

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