Alert: Scam asking to return/invest funds

We’ve recently learned of a phishing scam in which a person claiming to work for GiveDirectly reaches out asking recipients to pay money. The reason for requesting the money can vary –– two common things we have seen the scammer do:

  1. Falsely tell recipients that the payment they received from GiveDirectly is a loan that needs to be paid back.
  2. Pretend to offer an investment opportunity from GiveDirectly, Trading Corp, Capital Group, and/or One Fair Wage.

The GiveDirectly team:

  • Never asks you to send GiveDirectly money in order to receive additional funds.
  • Never asks you to return funds that you received from GiveDirectly. Your emergency relief payment is not a loan.
  • Never offers investment opportunities. If you receive one it is fake.


If you have been contacted by a scammer posing as GiveDirectly, please email us at [email protected] to report the incident.

Additional guidance on avoiding SMS phishing scams can be found on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website. To report a spam text message to the FTC you can copy the message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM).

Alerta: Estafa que pide devolver/invertir fondos

Recientemente nos hemos enterado de una estafa de suplantación de identidad en la que alguien está declarando falsamente ser empleado por GiveDirectly y se acerca a los destinatarios pidiéndoles que paguen dinero. La razón por la que solicita el dinero puede variar — dos cosas comunes que hemos visto hacer al estafador:

  1. Decirle falsamente a los destinatarios que el pago que recibieron de GiveDirectly es un préstamo que debe ser devuelto.
  2. Pretender ofrecer una oportunidad de inversión de GiveDirectly, Trading Corp, Capital Group, y/o One Fair Wage.

El equipo de GiveDirectly:

  • Nunca le pedirá que envíe dinero a GiveDirectly para recibir fondos adicionales.
  • Nunca le pedirá que devuelva los fondos que recibió de GiveDirectly. Su pago de ayuda de emergencia no es un préstamo.
  • Nunca le ofrecerá oportunidades de inversión. Si recibe alguna oferta similar, es falsa.