Cash transfer performance

We use public donations exclusively for cash transfers. We measure our financial performance in the field by the volume of money we deliver to the poor and the efficiency with which we do so.

Based on historical averages, we expect to put 91% of your donation into the hands of a recipient in Kenya and 85% in Uganda.

Cash transfers per year: $0.5 million in FY12, $1.8 million in FY13, and $6.6M in FY14.. Efficiency, measured as the percent of a dollar that reaches the poor, net of costs: 93% in FY12 and 91% in FY13 and FY14.



Fundraising performance

Our fundraising efforts are supported by private donors. We measure our fundraising performance by revenue and cost per dollar raised. Currently we spend $0.02 per dollar raised, which compares exceptionally well to industry benchmarks.

Donations received per year: $0.7M in FY12, $5.4M in FY13, and $17.3M in FY14. Efficiency, measured as the cost per dollar raised: one cent in FY12 and FY13, and two cents in FY14.



Financial statements and annual reports

Full detail on our transfer and fundraising performance, as well as one-time set-up costs incurred, is available in our annual reports and IRS filings.