In honor of William Meehan

Created by:
Meehan Family & GiveDirectly

From Bill’s Family:

We deeply appreciate your condolences during this difficult time as we mourn the loss of our beloved husband, dad, and grandad. In lieu of flowers, we invite you to join us in honoring his memory with a donation to people living in poverty via GiveDirectly, an organization to which Bill was deeply devoted.

Note from GiveDirectly founders Michael & Paul:

Today we are grieving the loss of our dear friend and mentor, Bill Meehan. We send love and peace to his family and to everyone mourning his passing.

We met Bill in the early days of GiveDirectly. We were going about telling folks that we should all give money to people living in extreme poverty and the typical reaction would be, that’s crazy. Bill’s reaction was, that’s great. I’m in.

He gave us courage to begin the journey, and support of every kind along the way—his time, counsel, endorsement, and unvarnished opinions. He served GiveDirectly as an advisor, director, and director emeritus. And with the passing of the years we came to count on him not only as a professional ally but also as a close personal friend.

We are grateful to count our lives among the many that Bill touched—through his leadership at work, his service on corporate and nonprofit boards, his teaching, his writing, and especially his generous mentorship of the people he met from all walks of life. More than one million people in poverty have received cash transfers from GiveDirectly since that day we first met Bill, thanks in part to his contributions. He leaves behind a remarkable legacy.

Bill’s heart was charitable, in the purest and deepest sense. We plan to honor his memory by carrying on as best we can without him.

Michael & Paul

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