Sylvea & Puneet’s Wedding Fundraiser

In lieu of wedding gifts, help us raise money for families living in poverty

Created by:
Sylvea & Puneet

As many of you know, we used to throw an annual (more often semiannual) party every year. It started off as a way to play — we wanted to see how extreme of a Halloween party we could throw without telling anyone. The answer was very.

But after the very first party, we felt so incredibly blessed – to have the luxury of extending open invites, the pleasure to indulge in our creativity, and the opportunity to steal the precious time and ears of our amazing friends.

Since then, we’ve dedicated every party to fundraising for causes we care about. Over the years, we’ve been so proud of how our friends and family have supported these initiatives. The generosity of both their hearts and donations are a constant reminder of how lucky we are to be surrounded by those who share our values.

This year, for our biggest party yet, we’re honored to accept any contributions to our fundraiser in lieu of wedding gifts or cash.

The money will go directly into the hands of people that need it more than us. GiveDirectly locates recipients in need and sends cash — no strings attached. In the past decade, they’ve delivered $400M+ to over 1M+ people. The research shows that giving cash to people living in poverty helps drive important, positive changes such as employment, nutrition, health, and education. In addition, cash allows individuals to invest in what they really need, instead of relying on aid organizations and donors to choose on their behalf.

We appreciate anything that you choose to contribute.

Your name and donation amount will be shared with the creator of this campaign so they can send you a personal thank you. If you would prefer to make this gift anonymously email [email protected]