Program status: Enrollment Recipients are currently being enrolled in Kilifi, Kenya. Your donation will be sent once the next village is enrolled.
person above poverty
by donating $30/mo.
That’s not an average, it’s specific people: You are directly funding:













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How it works

1 Recipient enrolled
We enroll a full village at a time. Recipients who consent to sharing their information are shown above; those who don’t are paid using other funds.
2 Recipient funded
Your donation goes to a specific recipient in the village. Once the village is funded, we schedule transfers for our next payment date.
3 Monthly transfers delivered
Every month, we will send recipients their transfers using mobile money technology.
4 Recipient check-ins
Every few months, we check in with recipients. We’ll share those updates with you so you can see how recipients choose to spend their transfers.

See how past recipients spent their transfer

I used the money to buy a dairy cow. We used to buy milk which cost a lot every month. We are glad that currently, we have sufficient milk and are able to sell the surplus to pay for other household goods and school fees.


I have become a consistent saver. We used to depend on the sale of crops but they aren’t doing well due to climate change. I now have a flock of chicken and more than one source of income. I feel more secure because I have several plans.


My mud-walled house made us catch flus and coughs, which was expensive because I had to use a lot of money for treatment. Today, the house looks decent and none of my family members have gone to the hospital.


Cash empowers recipients to invest in what they need most. They’ll receive monthly transfers for 5 years.

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