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Receiving cash catalyzes change


Eunice installed water access with $796

“Fresh tap water used to cost me an arm and a leg. When I received the transfers, I embarked on installing a fresh water tap which has really helped me plus my community members as they no longer walk long distances to fetch clean water. I charge my community members $.08 per jerrican, thus generating some income.”


Saghirah and Ghala recovered with $384

“Me and my daughter, Ghala, were malnourished. When my husband, Khamsi, received our first two transfers, we started to eat more healthy food, and we were able to take care of ourselves and our five children. Ghala and I have been recovering day after day.”


Kalimba quit burning charcoal with $575

“For the past 10 years before GiveDirectly, I used to make and sell charcoal for a living. My palms would get burnt and the smoke was not good for my health. With the transfers, I rented a farm where I planted maize, soybeans, and sweet potatoes. I stopped making and selling charcoal and will be able to sell my harvest to make money.”


Mabel and William built a home with $919

“I am sixty-two years old and live in one room with my husband and four children. We are investing the money into a house. We’ve bought several types of nails and planks, and we will now get doors, windows, cement for plaster, and pay workers to complete the structure. I’m looking forward to generating more money to take care of my family.”


Safa stayed afloat after a disaster with $477

“As a Syrian refugee living in Turkey and a single mother, I’ve faced numerous challenges. [After the earthquake struck] we had no income due to the lack of customers, which made it even harder to make ends meet and I found myself falling behind on shop rent and bills. [Cash] was a lifeline that helped me pay off my debts and keep my business running.” 


Agnes invested in a freezer with $200

“A friend taught me to fish and I became good at it, but some weeks there is less demand for fish. So I used my transfer to buy a freezer to freeze the fish so I can sell more when demand is high. Receiving money from GiveDirectly means so much to me because I haven’t seen an NGO who has given unconditional cash without expecting something in return.”

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