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Map of GiveDirectly operations

We’ve delivered $400M+
in the last decade

GiveDirectly is the leading global NGO specialized in delivering digital cash transfers. We’ve worked in challenging contexts across 9 countries, from Houston after Harvey to the most remote parts of Uganda, and launched 15 experimental evaluations (RCTs) with independent researchers documenting the impacts on recipients and on the local economy.

We have a proven track record
of performance in the field

88% efficiency

Since inception, we’ve delivered $0.88 per donated dollar directly to recipients in our standard campaigns.

90% on-time

We delivered 90% of initial transfers on time in 2019.

99%+ follow-up

We gathered feedback directly from almost every recipient in 2019.


1 Transfer sizes (including ops and processing costs) for our U.S. program average $1,017.29 each and for our Africa COVID Relief efforts range from $100 to $200, depending on the country. Our “people funded” estimate assumes a conservative $222.22 per transfer for our Africa programs.