What people are saying

“…this programme, and others like it, are part of a shift in thinking about how best to use aid to help the poorest.” View source

“…simply asking whether a given program is doing more good than it costs puts pressure on the aid sector to be more transparent and accountable.” View source

“Should aid be benchmarked against the cost-effectiveness of cash transfers?” View source

“Innovative tools such as direct cash transfers, should be rigorously piloted and evaluated against more traditional mechanisms, and expanded where appropriate.” View source

“It's a radical idea...that is gaining ground thanks to the data it's gathered backing up its claims.” View source

“GiveDirectly […] has sent shockwaves through the charity sector.” View source

“[GiveDirectly] is run off a rigorous technology platform that sounds more Silicon Valley than Rift Valley.” View source

“The empirical findings are noteworthy, but what is most important is the movement, still in its earliest stages, toward rigorous evaluation of whether and how charities are actually helping people.” View source

“GiveDirectly is a new standard because it has proof that evidence-based aid works and what it can actually accomplish.” View source

“Forget huge operation costs, policy departments or central bureaucracies – it leaves the poor to decide what to buy with their buck.” View source

“The results of GiveDirectly’s study challenge the assumption that only conditional cash transfer programs are effective in improving living standards for poor communities.” View source

"At its most basic level, after all, GiveDirectly's work is an attempt to test one of the simplest ideas in economics–that people know what they need, and if they have money, they can buy it." View source

“But GiveDirectly has a new concept: What if cash transfers are used as a standard benchmark against which to measure all development aid?” View source

“GiveDirectly, the brainchild of four Harvard and MIT graduate students, is so simple, it's genius.” View source

“If giving cash does prove to work, it will raise an awkward question about some of the other charities out there: Maybe they'd do more good if they took the money they're spending and just gave it to the poor.” View source