GiveDirectly delivered $165M+ to over 534K households in 8 countries across 25 different programs

We reached more people in poverty internationally in 2021 than any year prior

Here are almost 1000 of the people we reached across Africa, just 0.2% of the 486K from 2021

No single person's story can represent the whole. But for a sense, here's the story of how Eunice in Nairobi, Kenya chose to spend her funds

We continued to provide U.S. COVID-19 relief. This year, we reached 47K more households with $1000 payments, closing out the largest donor-funded cash transfer program in U.S. history

We provided technical support to the Social Fund of the DRC's COVID-19 relief effort in December.

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A DRC recipient's journey:

Step 1: dial a 5 digit number
Over 87K unique phone numbers requested enrollment in just 4 days

Step 2: enroll via a 7 question survey
If qualified, this sets up six months of $25 transfers

Step 3: instantly receive funds
Recipients got their first payment as soon as 45 seconds after self-enrolling

In the Masina district, 11% of eligible residents were paid in <36 hours

Watch the first hours after launch in Masina

A similar data-driven approach enabled us to reach 100K+ people in Togo fully remotely

At its fastest, GiveDirect-Novissi paid 50K+ households in <1 week

During lockdowns, this machine learning approach was better at identifying people in poverty than the available alternatives

It was also the best available approach to minimize inclusion errors, though some did still happen. We’ll take this into account when considering where & when to next deploy this model

Our team is looking forward to 2022

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With United Purpose, we'll help farmers in Balaka, Malawi adapt to climate change by providing unconditional cash they could use to adopt 'climate-smart' techniques

Climate change is creating worse droughts and flooding, leading to food shortages

Yet only a small portion of climate funding goes to helping communities adapt and survive

With the GRO Fund, we'll launch 'In Her Hands,' the largest guaranteed income program in the Southern U.S. The program will support 650+ women with 2 years of transfers, averaging $850/mo

The program is focused on Georgia's most economically vulnerable group: Black women

Black women also have an outsized impact on the economic fortunes of their families

This program builds on a legacy of advocates for guaranteed income — including Martin Luther King Jr. He was raised in the Old 4th Ward of Atlanta, where we plan to launch in early next year

And lastly, we'll expand our refugee work with new programs and research findings

Thank you for investing in people in poverty and trusting them to define their own best outcomes.

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