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3 ways to give even smarter


If you’re a fan of efficiency ― as most GiveDirectly donors are ― here are three ways to make the absolute most of your year-end giving.

  • Ask your employer to match you. Many employers will match from 10% up to 100% of what you give.
  • Save money: give appreciated stock. All donations to the poor via GD are tax-deductible. But if you donate stock that is worth more now than what you paid, you can also save the long-term capital gains tax you would have paid.
  • Have a merry crypto. Don’t want to deal with dollars? We take Bitcoin, XRP, or ETH.

Of course, we also take old-fashioned PayPal, Venmo, and plastic.

Side note: It’s best to give stocks and especially mutual funds by December 15, in order to lock in 2017 tax benefits. Brokerage transfers aren’t models of efficiency at year-end.

Got other efficient ideas? Tell us at [email protected] We’re always looking for better ways to give.